Regenerierung von Drüsen ist möglich​, laut Ärzten

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  • Regenerierung von Drüsen ist möglich​, laut Ärzten

    Ich wollte nur mitteilen, was ich vor kurzem herausgefunden habe:
    Regenerierung von Drüsen ist möglich, laut Ärzten in den USA.
    Mein Uni-Arzt bestätigte dies ebenfalls.

    related report/video/images (dated Feb. 2015 & 2016), from Dr Arthur B. Epstein, OD, FAAO

    Off the Cuff: The Point of No Return
    For those deep into dry eye and ocular surface disease, recognition of the role that functioning meibomian glands play in maintaining a stable tear structure and reducing evaporation came as an epiphany. As far as I am concerned, MGD is the root cause of nearly all dry eye disease.

    Today, most experts believe that if left untreated, obstructed meibomian glands will down-regulate, cease functioning and ultimately wither and die. But when does a non-functioning meibomian gland become truly dead? That question has been a point of debate. Some believe that once non-functional, the meibomian gland is gone forever, while others — myself included —
    believe that glands can recover if treated before they reach the point of no return.

    Unblocking the meibomian glands and restoring function is not as simple as it might seem. Manual expression, even with heat, is marginally effective and only for some patients. Although proper management is a complex process, as many of you know, TearScience's LipiFlow system has become a core part of my therapeutic strategy. While I gauge success by patient response, I've found meibography to be extremely useful in assessing the severity of the disease and, as you will see in the following images, perhaps in the success of the treatment.

    Both images were captured using an Oculus Keratograph 5M. The first was pretreatment, the second taken about four months post LipiFlow. While the images are admittedly not perfect, the apparent increase in normal-looking meibomian glands, especially in the upper lid, is remarkable. The improvement in patient symptoms was likewise impressive.

    While this should not be taken as definitive evidence for recovery of “lost” meibomian glands after treatment, the images are compelling. We are currently following dozens of patients some with similar results.…hysician--february-9-2015
    I have also found an interesting (educational) video (for doctors, April 2016) from the same doctor, including:
    21:40 his treatment plans...Please pay attention to the order (I think it is important)
    z.B. omega 3, Debridement (for Line of Marx), Aveonva (rein *hypochlorige Säure), LipiFlow etc
    (*Note: I have added some new/more info/videos on the #1 of my post on this topic)

    22:59 OTC drops he uses, including Systance Balance/Ultra (I often use Systance Balance)

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  • Debridement Scaling for MGD and Dry Eye
    Dr Mile Brujic, OD, explains a study which investigates the effects of debridement scaling on meibomian gland dysfunction and dry eye symptoms. Dr. Brujic discusses the process of debridement scaling and when optometrists should consider this as part of their treatment regimen.

    from 0.42: saying such debridement improved 21.6% in symptoms, only 1 treamtment, according to studies by Dr Korb, inventor of LipiFlow team. Normally this needs to be done on a regular basis, say every 3-6 months for some people.

    1:25 shows HOW to debride…ling-for-mgd-and-dry-eye/
    This video, courtesy of Leslie O'Dell, OD, shows makeup buildup in the eye.

    Purpose: make lid margin smooth so the tear can spread evenly.

    I have asked one dr who said BlephEx can solve this, if dr performs correctly
    but in USA, they do BOTH (= sepearately, from the video you can tell).

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  • For the German Users:

    Debridement Scaling = Reinigung des Lidrandes durch das Abschuppen/Abschleifen (in dem Fall mit einem Werkzeug, kann aber vermutlich auch mit BlephEx gemacht werden).


    Danke für deinen Beitrag. Der Doktor schreibt: "Manual expression, even with heat, is marginally effective". Würdest du da zustimmen? Du hast ja sehr gute Erfahrungen gemacht mit BlephaSteam. Würdest du sagen dass LipiFlow unbedingt notwendig ist wie dieser Arzt behauptet?
  • Hi Nittels

    LipiFlow improved about 65% for me and opened ALL glands. Many studies show it is effective - because its constant/even heat can go INSIDE (I have NOT read any article saying LipiFlow is useless).

    Some people do not find it useful, likely they have other issues, such as
    *scar tissue (as a result of inflammation) - then MG Duct Probing / Sondierung should help
    *inflammation (demode, bacteria), allergies, demodex, medications,...etc.
    I think if we do in a right timing, combination and order better results are possible.

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